born in_FIUME

Rijeka 2020 is coming and I can’t wait to see how this is going to bring new impulses to the city!

From 2014-2016 I was working as a lecturer for austrian literature and language for the OeAD at the german departement at the University of Rijeka and cultural manager at the Austrian Library Rijeka.

From the beginning of my stay in Rijeka I was impressed and inspired by the multicultural heritage (italian/ austrian/ croatian) and the shifting of national identity of this city during history. As I found out that the famous antinationalist and cosmopolitan austrian writer Ödön von Horváth (*1901, +1938) was born in Rijeka, I wanted to examine his literary work in the context of his birth city.

With the support of my colleagues Nadja Israel and Jana Tobschall we organized a literary evening with Horváth’s texts in the center of the city

One thing lead to another, the project expanded and a series of events and activities followed. We shot a documentary short movie with students reflecting on their concept of home, organised scientific workshops, cultural events and field trips tracking Horvath’s traces in the city.

To provide an organisational and operational frame for the various activities examining Horváth’s literary work in the context of his birth city we founded a little plattform we called born in_FIUME…we had big plans for Rijeka 2020. But that’s how life is… we all moved away and what stays is the hope that at least we left a trace for someone else to pick up…maybe in 2020?

Nadja Israel
idea & concept, screenplay writer & production manager of the documentary short film „born in_FIUME Heimweh kenn ich nicht“, voice; foto credits

Kathrin Kloeckl
idea & concept, project manager & coordinator, presenter at events. booklet: concept and layout; author; foto credits; production manager

Jana Tobschall screenplay writer & director of the documentary short film „born in_FIUME Heimweh kenn ich nicht“

Matea Mikulić
event organisation & presenter; research assistant (the reception of Horváth in croatia); translator

Anita Oreč, translator; print management

Ema Josipović, author; translator

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